New York City Mayor Eric Adams has requested that Diddy return the key to the city awarded to him in September 2023. This decision underscores the city’s commitment to supporting survivors of domestic and gender-based violence. The request is another pothole in the bumpy road the disgraced mogul has been on over the past few months.

TMZ obtained two letters from Mayor Adams—one sent to Diddy’s New York offices and another to his California offices—requesting the return of the key. According to sources, Diddy complied and returned the key by June 10.

In his letter, Mayor Adams expressed deep disturbance over the video footage of Diddy’s actions and strongly condemned the assault. He emphasized the city’s commitment to supporting survivors and ensuring their voices are heard and acknowledged by the administration.

The official city record now reflects the decision to rescind the key, citing Diddy’s actions involving domestic and gender-based violence. While Diddy has issued an apology for the assault, he continues to deny other allegations against him.