Kendrick Lamar and Drake are clashing over a significant piece of hip-hop history: the iconic crown ring once worn by 2Pac. This ring, adorned with gold, rubies, and diamonds, was sold to Drake at an auction for $1 million. Kendrick Lamar has voiced his disapproval of Drake owning the item, prompting a New York City jeweler to propose a solution.

Maksud Agadjani, a jeweler from New York City, posted a video on Facebook suggesting that Kendrick Lamar purchase a replica of the crown ring. Agadjani showcased the replica, explaining that it is an exact copy of the original ring bought by Drake. He has listed the replica for sale on his website,

Kendrick Lamar recently performed at his “Pop Out” show at the Forum in Inglewood, where he played several diss tracks aimed at Drake. During his performance of “Euphoria,” he rapped altered bars about the ring, saying, “Give me 2Pac’s ring back and I might give you a little respect.”

Kendrick Lamar Pressed Over Drake’s Ownership of 2Pac's Iconic Crown Ring—Offered Replica by NYC Jeweler

The original ring features an inscription that reads “Pac & Dada 1996,” referring to 2Pac’s engagement to Kidada Jones. He wore the ring during his final public appearance at the MTV Video Music Awards before his tragic death at the age of 25.

Drake publicly revealed that he was the winning bidder for the ring, making it the most valuable hip-hop artifact ever sold at an auction.