Ice Cube recently appeared on SiriusXM’s Flavor of the Week hosted by Flavor Flav. During their interview, Cube shared that he is working on another Friday, and revealed his favorite track in his catalog.

Video courtesy of SiriusXM’s Flavor of the Week

When asked by Flav if another instalment of his iconic movie series was in the works, Cube replied, “We working on it. We working on it.”

We finally, you know, got some traction with Warner Brothers. They have new leadership. My man, Mike DeLuca, who used to be at New Line when I first started, when I first did the first Friday and Players Club and All About the Benjamins.

Cube further explained that his desire to get a new film done only increased as the actors who played some of the series’ most beloved characters passed away.

It was like, “Yo, what the fuck is going on with Friday? Man, let’s get this back online,” and, you know, I was a little hot ’cause they had took so long because, you know, John Witherspoon passed away. Tiny passed away. A.J. Johnson passed away, so I’m like, “Man, we keep losing people and y’all keep dicking around not doing the movie the way it need to be done.” They finally came to their senses, so hopefully we can get in the process of getting that movie made.

Cube also broke down why “It Was a Good Day” remains his favourite song.

[The song] has taken me all over the world. It’s my biggest record. It’s the record that makes people feel good, you know? My other records are hard, you know what I’m saying? I love “Fuck Tha Police.” You know, I think that’s an important record in my career, but “It Was a Good Day,” you know, it’s just about dodging all the bullshit and having a good day, man. I think everybody really want that. You know what I’m saying? “It Was a Good Day” is the record version of Friday if you ask me.