Ice Cube, the driving force behind the iconic Friday franchise, has confirmed that the highly-anticipated Last Friday is officially in progress. After years of challenges in getting the project started, his persistent efforts are paying off.

In a recent interview with Sirius XM’s Flavor of the Week, Ice Cube shared that he has successfully negotiated a deal with Warner Bros., thanks to the support of executive Michael De Luca. De Luca, who has a history with New Line, has been crucial in reviving the project. Ice Cube expressed his appreciation for De Luca, noting that the new leadership at Warner Bros. has been more aligned with his vision.

The rapper acknowledged the frustrations he faced throughout the process, especially considering the deaths of beloved cast members like John Witherspoon, Tiny, and A.J. Johnson. “I was a little hot because they had taken so long,” Ice Cube recalled. “We keep losing people, and y’all keep messing around, not doing the movie the way it needs to be done.”

Ice Cube stressed that De Luca’s involvement was pivotal for moving forward. “They want to do it, but the key is it gotta be done,” he stated. “So, they finally came to their senses.”

A major question surrounding “Last Friday” is whether Chris Tucker will reprise his role as Smokey. Tucker, a fan favorite from the original “Friday,” has not appeared in the sequels. In March, he expressed a willingness to return, but only if the script meets his standards. “At this point, I’m only doing stuff that I know I can do my best. And I can have a lot of fun; it’s got to be right,” Tucker mentioned.