Notorious scammer Billy McFarland, the organizer behind the infamous Fyre Festival, is reportedly helping former President Donald Trump gain support from rappers for his 2024 reelection campaign, according to Rolling Stone.

While McFarland has not been officially hired by the Trump campaign, sources say he has been called upon to help the former president connect with celebrities, particularly in the hip hop community.

He was behind a recent meeting with Detroit rapper Icewear Vezzo, who faced immense backlash for a photo op with Trump. Despite the backlash, Vezzo remains committed to his endorsement, stating that he believes in respectfully disagreeing and building teams with diverse perspectives.

McFarland previously told media personality Angela Yee that he helped link Brooklyn rappers Sheff G and Sleepy Hallow to Trump, which resulted in their appearance at a May campaign rally in The Bronx.

Trump’s campaign strategy reportedly involves reaching out to athletes and hip hop artists in an effort to appeal to black voters. The former president’s team believes that securing endorsements from influential figures in these communities could help boost his support among this demographic.