Diddy’s former bodyguard, Roger Bonds, has come forward with troubling claims about the disgraced mogul’s alleged drug abuse.

In a recent interview with VladTV, Bonds shared his experience working closely with Diddy for several years. He alleged that Diddy would frequently ask those around him to obtain prescription medications under their names, including Cassie and himself. This adds credence to some of the accusations Cassie made against Diddy in her now-settled lawsuit.

Bonds recalled that Diddy often asked friends to pick up medications for him at pharmacies and even had doctors write prescriptions for whatever he wanted. He described Diddy’s routine, noting that he carried a bag known as the “medicine bag,” which contained various substances.

“I know he was a junkie at this time,” Bonds stated. “He had a bag that he would carry with him every day, and it was up to the assistant or even the security to carry this bag. He had a name for it—it was called the medicine bag. In this medicine bag would be everything that he’d need.”

Bonds listed some of the substances he believed Diddy used, further solidifying his claims of alleged drug abuse. These revelations have sparked significant concern and debate about Diddy’s past behavior.