After facing numerous challenges in recent years, Atlanta rapper Ralo has emerged from his halfway house and is now focusing on new ventures. The artist recently announced his purchase of an entire block in Atlanta, which includes several commercial properties. Additionally, Ralo shared his plans to construct the first-ever Vine City Mosque in the state of Georgia.

In an Instagram post, Ralo emphasized the significance of not having to return to his previous lifestyle and the troubles that came with it, now that he has achieved personal and financial freedom. “The folks sent me to federal prison, took everything from me and left my family out hea with NOTHING,” Ralo wrote in the caption. “I ran this s**t back up legally. I won’t ever have to sell a piece of dope again in my life.”

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Ralo’s newly acquired properties include a restaurant, hair salon, barber shop, and clothing store. The rapper also highlighted his newfound independence, stating, “I won’t ever in my life have to rent another condo again now that I own dozens directly across the street from the Mercedes Benz stadium in Atlanta.”

Those interested in contributing to Ralo’s cause or assisting with the mosque can visit FamericaNews.Com for more information.