Along with a new single, “Alchemy In The Trenches,” Detroit rapper Ty Farrris unveils his new album, Enigma With An Attitude, arriving this Friday. In an Instagram caption, Farrris provides insight into the album’s title and themes.

Farrris traces the LP’s concept back to 7th grade, when a philosophy class ignited his love for complex problems and chess. Around this time, he discovered The Riddler from Batman: The Animated Series.

So this journey starts back in the 7th grade for me. As an elective class, I took “philosophy”…my brain enjoyed complex problems and things at a young age. This is also around the time I first saw the “Batman animated series.” I caught an episode featuring the Riddler and was intrigued by the riddles. I would sit and try to solve them before Batman.

Farrris says life molded him into an enigmatic figure, always “thinking steps ahead and trying to see around corners before I bend them.” This led to the album’s title, a play on N.W.A.’s name:

“Which led me to the title Enigma With An Attitude. A play on words ‘Nigga With An Attitude’ NWA, whose Ice Cube was the first rapper my uncle let me listen to.”

Farrris says Enigma With An Attitude is filled with “thought-provoking lines and heavy play on the enigma” because he needs that intellectual challenge to keep his writing sharp. He takes street narratives and philosophizes them through the prism of life’s mysteries and complexities.

The album cover depicts Farrris as The Riddler alongside the Saw villain Jigsaw. Farrris explains:

“This cover is me as the Riddler with a needle to Jigsaw, who is another enigma. John Kramer as a painter. A different approach, but still it forced you to think in a painful way.”