Keefe D, the man accused of murdering the legendary rapper 2Pac, is expected to be released from prison on a $750,000 bond. A court hearing on June 25 will discuss the terms of his release.

Keefe D, whose real name is Duane Davis, has been in custody for several years, awaiting trial for the 1996 murder of 2Pac. The case has seen numerous twists and turns, with Davis claiming multiple times that he orchestrated the shooting. Despite pleading not guilty, his claims have been disputed by prosecutors, who point out that Davis was a high-ranking member of the South Side Compton Crips at the time of the murder.

Davis’s lawyers have argued that he poses no danger due to his deteriorating health, including a cancer diagnosis. However, this claim was rejected in 2023, when the court deemed him too dangerous for bail. Prosecutors emphasized that Davis had confessed to the murder multiple times in the past and was involved in a brawl with 2Pac’s alleged killer, Orlando Anderson, on the night of the shooting.

The murder of 2Pac, who was just 25 years old at the time of his death, remains one of the most infamous unsolved cases in hip-hop history. Davis is the only person to have been charged with the crime, and his release on bond raises questions about how he secured the necessary funds.

The trial is scheduled to begin in November, and it remains to be seen how Davis’s release will impact the proceedings.